During the day, your solar energy system may produce more electricity than you need to power your home. Using your battery, you can store the excess electricity and use it anytime—day or night. It's a seamless integration that helps you save.

illustration showing a home and how solar battery storage works


Solar panels collect energy from the sun


Store excess energy with a home battery


Keep saving on renewable energy day or night

Detailed steps

Step 1: Produce Energy

Sunlight is collected by your solar panels through photovoltaic (PV) cells. Inverters take the direct current (DC) power generated by your panels and convert it into alternating current (AC) power, which can be used in your home.

Step 2: Store Electricity

AC electricity runs from the inverter into your home to power your rooms and appliances. Any excess energy is stored in your battery or sent to the power grid (depending on what’s best for your energy needs).

Step 3: Power Home

Using your battery storage, you can power your home anytime—day or night—while taking advantage of a lower energy rate. This allows you to power your home with clean energy during an outage and gain energy independence from the grid.

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