12 Tips to Save Money and Energy

ResidentialCalendarFebruary 13, 2018

There are currently more than 1.6 million houses in the United States with solar panels installed. By the end of 2018, that number will be more than 2 million.1

The fact is that the world’s natural resources are mostly finite. Once we’ve used up its fossil fuels, they’re gone for good. Our air can only sustain a certain level of carbon before it starts insulating the Earth with greater amounts of heat. We’ve seen these trends over the past several decades as a result of billions of small actions taken by men and women around the world. From starting up their gas-powered car to heating up their living rooms with wood in the fireplace, everything makes a difference. Solar panels have been able to reverse our dependency on fossil fuels and take advantage of the sun’s natural rays instead.

Even if you’re not particularly concerned about the environment, there are still plenty of reasons why you should care about where you get your energy and how much energy you use. For example, you should care because you stand to save money on your electric bill if you switch to solar. On average, Vivint Solar customers across the United States save up to 20% with Vivint Solar’s PPAs and Leases relative to their current utility rates. The fact is that solar panels make just as much economic sense as they do environmental sense. There’s no reason to continue paying higher prices for fossil fuel-produced energy when you can save money by using renewables instead.

So with all of those solar panels, we don’t need to worry about conserving energy, right? Not quite… Whether you have solar or not, we can all do more to conserve energy for the sake of the environment and our wallets. Fortunately, small and simple changes can make a big difference.

We made this “How To Save Energy” infographic to help you understand some different ways with which you can both help save the environment and save money. You can do these things in addition to installing solar panels on your roof. These tips are broken down into three categories. The categories are check, change, and invest. The check items are all things you should look at to make sure they’re up-to-date and in working order. The change items all have to do with habits, use, and home features. The invest list is all about different items you can invest in that will pay energy-saving dividends in the future. Whether it’s wearing season appropriate clothes, checking your home’s insulation, or upgrading your windows, this infographic is bound to have something for everyone. It’s up to all of us to save energy, so let’s all do our part.

For those of you who want to learn how to save energy, here are 12 easy things you can do to save energy and money:

energy saving tips infographic



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