Camilla’s Mid-Century Remodel Sneak-Peek

For many young newlyweds, owning a house is a major accomplishment. For Camilla and Bo of Provo, Utah, they longed for something even more than homeownership—they wanted a place they could breathe new life into and redesign themselves.

It wasn’t long before they found the perfect canvas: a humble 1949 rambler with a separate guest house. While both homes on the lot were outdated and in need of some love, the skeleton of each home was ideal for their modern mid-century plans.

Camilla and Bo jumped head-first into the renovations and began to put their designs—and their relationship—through the ultimate test, putting in long days and tiresome nights to finish their renovations. As soon as they started cutting through walls and tearing out cabinets, Camilla and Bo began to experience all the ups and downs that come with a typical home makeover, such as dealing with the stress of laying tile and having the plumbing go temporarily out of service.

Camila-Aubrey Home-04

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But the young couple didn’t let a little exhaustion or toilet troubles get the best of them. They continued with their renovations, making huge strides in both the exterior and interior of the homes. With a new, sophisticated kitchen that would make Chip and Joanna Gaines proud, and a sleek new master bathroom worthy of Vogue Living, one detail almost stopped them in their tracks—their daunting electrical bill.

Camila-Aubrey Home-02

Even after updating the electrical and swapping out old appliances, the electricity costs were much higher than other homes in the area of the same size. A close friend referred Camilla and Bo to Vivint Solar, and they decided to give solar power a try. The opportunity to create their own clean energy and help solve their electricity problem was too good to pass up, and they had a new roof placed and were able to buy solar panels and have them installed before they knew it.

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