Introducing our New VP of Human Capital, Jeremy Sabin

CompanyCalendarJuly 25, 2018

We’re proud to announce Jeremy Sabin as our new VP of Human Capital. Jeremy joined the Vivint Solar team in 2014 as Director of Human Capital and we welcome him as the newest member of our senior management team. Jeremy will lead Vivint Solar’s cultural strategy and oversee Human Resources operations for our 4,000-plus employees. To get to know him better, we asked Jeremy to tell us about his experience at Vivint Solar so far and his goals for the future.

What brought you to the solar industry and Vivint Solar in particular?

There was an excitement about the solar industry and specifically Vivint Solar which was a strong draw for me at the time. Instead of refining culture, processes and policies, I wanted the opportunity and autonomy to build them from the ground up. I wanted a culture that would challenge me to be more creative, flexible and agile, and would not just do things the way every other company does. Vivint Solar offered me that chance.

Vivint Solar has seen tremendous growth since you joined the team in 2014 - from 800 employees then to more than 4,000 today. What challenges and rewards stand out to you from the perspective of overseeing that growth?

When I started, Vivint Solar was still very much in startup mode. Each day flowed organically and the growth was so aggressive that we were opening new markets and offices on a weekly basis and hiring employees in the field very quickly. It was a constant cycle of learning and refining systems and processes. The energy created during this time was addicting and the personal growth was very rewarding.

The aggressive growth during this time, although difficult to manage at times, created learning and development opportunities not available at other companies. The ability to step out on the edge and take risks lead to my own growth as well as the company’s.

You have extensive HR experience - what stands out about HR within the solar industry?

The speed from ideation to execution in solar is unlike any other industry. Regardless of the company size, solar has been able to maintain the startup, small-company feel that fosters innovation and allows for expedited personal growth.

Unlike some industries where employees do not feel a strong tie to their product, solar employees are passionate about renewable energy and it shows in their drive to improve our company each day. When you have employees that are motivated not just by personal aspirations but by a larger cause, companies are able to move faster and be more competitive.

What goals do you have for your future at Vivint Solar?

I want to further develop a culture where employees are excited to come to work, where they can progress in their careers and gain skills they would not be able to get anywhere else. Our employees should feel proud of the positive impact solar is making on their communities and the innovation that allows customers to take more control of their energy.

Career and Educational Background

Jeremy has more than 15 years of experience in Human Resources and joined Vivint Solar as the Director of Human Capital in 2014. He played a key role in preparing for our Initial Public Offering and has built a strong learning and development foundation for the company.

Prior to Vivint Solar, Jeremy served as HR manager for Sun Products Corporation, a laundry and home care company. He also worked as a business partner supervisor for IM Flash Technologies. Jeremy has a Bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University.

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