Simple and cheap activities for kids to do at home

With the world still feeling the effects of a global pandemic, parents are always looking for safe and creative ways to entertain their kids and help them get the “wiggles” out. Here are some easy activities your kids can do that will cost you next to nothing.

Dance Party

Blast a fun summer playlist on whichever service you like, such as Spotify or Amazon Music, and let the fun begin. If your kids are having trouble getting into their groove, try a game of “Boogie.” Have each kid take a turn doing some sort of crazy move and let the others try and mimic it. Anyone who can’t repeat the move gets a letter until they spell “Boogie” and are out! The last one dancing wins the game.

Obstacle Course

This one isn’t costly, but it is messy—so make sure all participants promise to help clean up when it’s done. Look around your house and see what you can find to make an indoor obstacle course. We like to use pillows, couch cushions, stools, and toys. You can even get creative with tape to make mazes and tricky walkways on the ground. Challenge the players to see who can complete the course the fastest, slowest, or even blindfolded.

Build a Fort

When you’re done with the obstacle course, gather up your supplies and try turning them into the craziest fort possible. Make it a challenge to use everything in the course, but feel free to get some extra items involved, like blankets and chairs.

Floor is Lava

This game is a classic, and your fort should already have everything you need. Spread pillows and blankets across the ground and challenge your kids to make it from one end of the room to the other without touching the ground. One they succeed, spread each of the pieces apart and have them make their way back. Keep doing this until only one contestant is left standing.

Balloon Volleyball

Super simple, surprisingly fun. All you need is a bag of balloons and a few deep breaths. Fill up a balloon and launch it into the air with one goal: don’t let it touch the ground. This easy game will entertain your kids for longer than you might expect.

Staying active while on lockdown is no easy task, and it’s especially hard on kids. With these few ideas, you can help keep your family safe, foster creativity, and burn some of their excess energy. Let us know what ideas you have for helping your family fun at home!

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