Live in Hawaii? Here’s Why You Need a Solar Battery

ProductsCalendarApril 2, 2019

Solar power is especially popular in Hawaii because most residents understand they belong to the land and are always looking for ways to take care of it. But if you already have a solar energy system, or are looking at getting one, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to get more out of your solar power. While there are many small ways to maximize your energy production, a solar battery can make a bigger impact in the long run.

Solar batteries are not a new concept but they’ve come a long way from only serving as an off-the-grid power source for DIY bunkers and doomsday projects. Solar batteries are now more affordable, efficient, and have a higher storage capacity than ever. So, what’s the advantage for an everyday, solar powered home? Let’s find out.

1. Enjoy predictable energy rates

The biggest advantage of a battery is that you can store your unused solar energy and use it later in the evening. How it works: your solar panels will produce clean energy during the day like normal and any unused solar power will be used to charge your solar battery until it is full. When your home needs more energy than your system produces (like when the sun goes down or when it’s hidden by clouds), your home will pull from the clean energy stored in your battery, optimizing your power consumption.

2. Power your essentials when the lights go out.

Some solar batteries, like the LG Chem battery, for example, come installed with a built-in outlet. When the power goes out, you can connect to it and use stored solar energy like you would with any other outlet. Every battery does have a maximum capacity, so it’s not something to rely on for long-term outages, but it will recharge daily so it can be a nice perk when the power goes out and you’re in a pinch.

3. Let your solar energy system and battery work together without you lifting a finger.

Solar batteries connect to your solar energy system and are tailored to your utility rates so you never have to program anything yourself. Your system will produce and store without you needing to do the work. Consider it an extension to your already intelligent solar ecosystem.

LG Chem: Our Battery of Choice

You deserve the most reliable and up-to-date battery for your home, not something that’s going to stop working in a month. LG Chem battery is great because it combines unbeatable quality, a reliable warranty, and comes from a prestigious technology brand. The LG Chem manufacturer warranty guarantees at least 60% capacity retention after 10 years, which is hard to beat.

Why Vivint Solar

Solar batteries are new and not everyone knows how to use/install them. So you’ll want to make sure you work with a team you can trust. We provide one-day installation for solar panels and battery so you can enjoy clean energy with fewer appointments. Plus, our installers are LG Chem trained and certified— so, together with Vivint Solar’s 86-point inspection, we ensure your entire install meets the highest quality safety and efficiency standards.

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How to Go Solar

Vivint Solar makes renewable energy a simple and affordable alternative. We take care of everything from solar system design, to paperwork and permitting, to installation and maintenance.

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