Show your love for mother nature this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time when most people turn their thoughts to their significant other and give them a little extra appreciation. But it’s also a great time to spread the love even further and give some time back to the earth. The planet is the source of most of the ways we express love on Valentines day, from flowers to chocolate to wine, so it only seems right to show it some appreciation as well. Here are a few ideas to show your love for the earth on Valentine’s Day.

Tip #1: Recycle your chocolate boxes

A box of chocolates is an iconic Valentine’s Day gift. And when that special day rolls around, millions are purchased worldwide. Fill the day with a little more love by remembering to recycle those boxes when they’re free of confections rather than tossing them in the trash.

Tip #2: Shop organic, locally grown, or potted flowers.

Next to chocolates, giving flowers is one of the most common romantic gestures, but many don’t consider where those flowers come from. Imported flowers are a huge waste of energy, considering the fuel used to transport them and the energy to keep them chilled during the trip. Instead, buy from local shops with organic growing practices.

Tip #3: Choose Sustainable Wine

Not all vineyards use sustainable practices, but there are some that are making a valiant effort. One quick way to find out if your wine is coming from one of these vineyards is by looking for the Rainforest Alliance seal, which indicates that the vineyard meets standards that require environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

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Tip #4: Save the trees and some money by making your own V-day treats.

Millions of wrappers, plastic bags, and boxes are thrown in the trash from holiday delights every year. You can cut down on the packaging waste that comes from purchasing Valentine’s Day treats from the store by making them yourself. The receivers will appreciate the personal touch and you might even save some money.

Tip #5: Be Kind

Being environmentally friendly isn’t just about making the earth better, but everyone on it. Remember that we are part of the ecosystem and being kind to those around you is a great way to give back to the planet.

Grow the Love

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the place where all our memories with loved ones are made. Give the gift of caring by committing to doing more for the earth and supporting those services and businesses that are dedicated to doing the same.

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