Frequently Asked Solar Questions

FAQ's answering questions related to solar panels, savings, and how solar works.

Do the panels still operate when there are power outages?

No. In a power outage, our systems automatically shut off for the safety of the workers that repair the power lines.

How much does a solar panel weigh and how big are solar panels?

The average panel used in a Vivint Solar installation weighs 40 pounds and is 65 x 40 x 1.5 inches big.

Do the solar panels degrade over time?

Yes, slightly. Due to sun exposure, weather and other environmental factors, there’s a potential degradation rate of 2.5% the first year the panels are on your roof, and 0.7% per year during the rest of the 20 year term. Most of our panels degrade at a rate lower than this, but we guarantee that they won’t degrade more than the above amount.

Will solar panels cause my roof to deteriorate?

No. Our solar panels are not attached directly to your roof, but rather to a racking system that has been wind, water, and fire tested to ensure no leaks or damage will occur. Additionally, shingles on your roof will often last longer under installed panels because they are less exposed to UV light.

How many watts per hour will a panel produce?

There are many factors that affect the production of a solar panel (location, orientation, tilt, weather, season, shade, etc.). Solar panels produce varying amounts of energy through the day. In the mornings and evenings, when the sun is low in the sky, solar panels will generate less power than in the afternoon when they are receiving direct sun exposure.

What is the warranty on the solar energy system and how long will it last?

Our warranty guarantees our work will be free from material defects for 10 years, the system's solar panels carry a 25-year linear performance warranty, and inverters carry minimum 10-year manufacturers' warranties.

What happens to the solar panels at the end of the contract?

You have a few options once your contract is up. If you are a Solar PPA or Solar Lease customer, you can renew your contract for an additional five years, purchase the solar system for fair market value, or request that the system be removed (at no additional cost). If you are a Solar Loan or Solar Purchase customer, your contract with Vivint Solar ends when the system is installed and operational.

What’s the difference between a PPA (power purchase agreement) and lease?

Solar PPA customers pay for all of the energy a system produces, regardless of their individual usage. Solar Lease customers pay a fixed payment based on the expected annual output of the solar energy system.

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*$0 due upon contract signing, for qualified customers subject to service availability.
**Savings on the total electricity costs is not guaranteed.

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