Frequently Asked Solar Questions

FAQ's answering questions related to solar panels, savings, and how solar works.

Aren’t solar panels expensive?*

Not necessarily. At Vivint Solar, we install the solar panels at little to no upfront cost, and our Solar PPA customers typically buy electricity from us at a lower rate* than their utilities. We also sell systems at competitive prices, and have relationships that can help you finance the purchase.

How much money can I save by going solar?**

Today, many Vivint Solar customers pay up to 20% less than their current utility rate**. Three factors affect whether you will save with a Solar PPA or Solar Lease:

1) How many panels your home will qualify for

2) How much electricity your household uses

3) Your current utility rate

When you purchase a system of your own, other factors affect your potential savings. We can help you evaluate those factors after we conduct a site survey at your home.

Will I save money by going solar?

Many Vivint Solar customers save up to 20%** on a yearly basis with a Solar PPA or Solar Lease. Monthly savings will fluctuate due to weather, length of month, and the amount of energy used in your home. Results vary for Solar Purchase and Solar Loan customers.

What happens with my system when I go on vacation?

With a Solar PPA, you will still pay for the energy that the system produces. If you choose to go with a Solar Lease or Solar Loan, you will pay the regular monthly payment.

Do I receive a credit for my extra energy production?

Depending on the net metering laws and utility provider in your state, excess energy generated may roll over as a credit toward the next month’s bill (credited on an annual basis), or paid to customers as a refund.

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*$0 due upon contract signing, for qualified customers subject to service availability.
**Savings on the total electricity costs is not guaranteed.

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