Buying a home with a Vivint Solar system

Thinking about buying a home with a Vivint Solar system? You are one smart cookie. Not only will solar panels help you generate clean, sustainable energy, but a solar energy system can also take care of a portion of your home’s energy needs. Curious about how it will work? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find helpful information about what you need to know in order to buy a home with a Vivint Solar system.


Step 1: Find a good representative

The first step to buying a home with solar is to make sure your realtor, lender, and/or title company is familiar with residential solar and how it works. A good representative can make a big difference in your buying experience and help educate you on what you’ll need in order to finalize the sale.

Step 2: Understand the solar agreement

It’s a really good idea to educate yourself on the type of solar plan you’ll be inheriting, how it works, and how it impacts your future solar production. The home seller should be able to give you a copy or—at the very least—explain to you which type of solar agreement they have, so you can learn about it yourself. Check it out, read it, ask questions, and probe for more information. If they can’t find an answer for you, our Home Buyer Guide may also help shed some light on the benefits of Vivint Solar.

Your payment options depend on the type of agreement for which the home seller signed up. Depending on the situation, you may agree to take over the remaining life of the previous solar agreement, pay for the cost of the system with the home loan, or inherit the solar energy system without any additional cost whatsoever. It’s all up you and the home seller to work out.

Step 3. Call or email us

For us, the process of selling a home with solar begins at least two weeks before closing. Once you and the home seller have worked out how you’ll be taking over the system, the home seller will call us with your information at the ready. So you’re aware, we ask that they be prepared to give us the following:

  • Home buyer’s first and last name
  • Home buyer’s current home address
  • Home buyer’s email address
  • Home buyer’s phone number
  • The projected home closing date

Though we get all this information directly from them, we’ll also want to hear from you as well. Feel free to Contact Us and introduce yourself. We’ll verify your information and send you the things you need to join our solar family.

Once the home is officially closed, give us one more call and we’ll send you a welcome packet. It’ll have all the information you’ll need to access and monitor your Vivint Solar system.

We’re excited about your new home buying experience and hope that you choose to partner with us. For even more information, check out Buying and Selling Homes with Solar Panels and download the home buyer guide.

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