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Interested in learning about Vivint Solar and how we can help you maximize the comfort you feel in your home? We can help with that. In this article, we’ll talk about what Vivint Solar has to offer, the differences between traditional and solar power, the different solar plans we offer, what the Vivint Solar journey looks like, and how to sign up for a free consultation. Let’s get started.

Choose your power while saving the planet. Start with solar.

Vivint Solar can help you find a newer, smarter way to power your home. We make it easy for you to go solar because we work with you, your utility company, and your local municipality, through every step of the journey.

In this article, you’ll learn the differences between traditional power and solar power, the different solar plans we offer and how they may benefit you, what the Vivint Solar journey looks like, and how to know if going solar is right for you.

Traditional power vs. solar power

To help you understand how solar power works, we first want to explain how traditional power works, so you can see the differences between the two methods.

Traditional Power

To provide power to their customers, most utility companies accumulate costs that they transfer onto customers like you. Traditional-Power-V2

These costs include:

  1. Resources: drawing power from oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear energy, or other sources.
  2. Generation: turning that resource into electric power.
  3. Transmission: transferring energy from the power plant to the substation.
  4. Distribution: distributing energy to their consumers.

Solar Power

To provide power to our customers, Vivint Solar installs a solar energy system that collects energy from the sun and uses it to power your home. It’s easier than you think.


  1. Solar Panels: solar panels, mounted securely to your roof, collect sunlight and create electricity.
  2. Energy Conversion: inverters take the electricity collected by the solar panels and convert it to the power used in your home.
  3. Net Metering: net metering measures the electricity your system produces versus how much is sent back to the grid.
  4. Smart Technology: cloud infrastructure connects your system online, so your system can be monitored for performance.
  5. Consumption: power your home with renewable energy that all started with your solar panels. Consume. Enjoy. Repeat.

Our solar plans and the freedom they offer

You should have better options when it comes to your power bill. That’s why we designed four unique solar plans to meet your needs. Depending on your area, you may be able to choose how and when to pay for your solar energy system. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different agreement types we offer and how they work.

*Warranty refers to solar panels. Refer to your customer agreement for all warranty terms and conditions. Plan availability varies by area and utility.

The Vivint Solar journey

We are dedicated to helping our customers choose the power source that’s best for them, shrink their carbon footprint, and potentially save some money on their energy bill. Here’s how we do that.


Consultation and proposal: we design a customized home energy system based on your energy usage, then verify that your roof, attic, and electrical setup are ready to support solar panels.


Permitting: we prepare and submit any necessary documents to your municipality. After those are approved, you can schedule your installation.


Installation and system review: a typical installation lasts about 4–8 hours and includes a thorough inspection of the installation and electrical work. At Vivint Solar, we also pioneered the quality assurance process with our industry-leading 86-point inspection.


Inspection and interconnection: your solar energy system goes through final inspections with the municipality and/or utility company. We notify your utility company when everything is complete to get final permission to turn on your system.


Activation: your system is ready to produce power and you're able to enjoy the benefits of clean solar energy.

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