Reading a Vivint Solar bill

Understanding Utility Bills with Solar

Not sure how to read your Vivint Solar bill? No problem. This quick guide will help you identify the pertinent information on your bill and how to read it.


  1. Account Number: the number assigned to your payment profile in our billing database. All of your billing and contact information is attached to this number, so it’s easy for us to reference. A quick word about the account number on your bill—if you've already signed up for Vivint Solar Account Center and the Vivint Solar App for Apple or Android, you may recall that we directed you to register using a seven-digit number. In both Account Center and the Vivint Solar App, we refer to this number as an "account number," but another way to describe it is "service number." These are two different numbers that identify two different things. Your service number (the "account number" in Account Center and the Vivint Solar App) represents your solar energy system, whereas the account number on your bill represents your billing profile.

  2. Invoice Number: a sequential number assigned to your bill for organizational purposes.

  3. Total Amount Due Date: the date in which the current bill is due; three to four weeks after the service period for your invoice. For example, if you’re paying for solar services for the month of March, the amount will be due sometime around April 20th.

  4. Total Amount Due: the total amount due for the payment period, including the value of your solar production for the billing period, taxes, and/or statement credits.

  5. Monthly Service Charges: the value of your service charges for the billing period, including the cost of your solar energy production and taxes. Though usually factored into the production cost, keep in mind that tax calculation can be specific to your geographical region.

  6. Payments and Credits: a list of additional expenses and credits, including your previous balance, total payments, Vivint Solar credits, and new charges. Previous Balance means any outstanding balance(s) from previous billing periods. Total Payments means the total sum of amounts paid since the previous billing period. Vivint Solar Credits means any amount credited to the account by Vivint Solar. New Charges means the total value of your solar energy production for the billing period, any fees associated with additional product(s) and/or services, the loss of a discount due to cancellation of autopay, and any other miscellaneous charges.

  7. Total Amount Due: the full payment due, factoring in total production, taxes, credits, and any other applicable charges.

  8. Account Center or Vivint Solar App: a reminder to use the Vivint Solar App and Account Center to monitor your solar energy production on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

  9. Vivint Solar Contact: the phone number and email address you can contact for questions about your bill or Vivint Solar account.

  10. Referral Number: the phone number you can call to refer a friend or family member to Vivint Solar and potentially earn a cash reward in qualifying areas.

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