Registering for the Vivint Solar App

Can’t seem to register for the Vivint Solar App for Apple or Android? Not to worry—we’ll help you out. Just follow these simple steps if you are registering for the first time.

Registering for the Vivint Solar App 1. From your smartphone, tap the link to get the Vivint Solar App.
  1. Get the Vivint Solar app.
  1. Click “Create One.”
  1. Fill out all your information and click “Create Account.”

  2. You’ll get an email in your inbox from Vivint Solar with the subject line: "Confirm Account."

Can’t see the email? Check your folders. To some carriers, our emails can look like spam (it isn’t—we promise). Look in your “Spam,” “Junk,” “Trash,” “Trash Can,” or “Deleted” folders.

  1. Click on the email to open it.

  2. Click “Confirm Your Email."

  3. Log in.

  1. Add your system information.

Enter your account number (also known as your service number—it’s listed on your agreement, or in the subject line, header, or footer of any recent email you’ve received from Vivint Solar) and zip code, then click “Add System.”

  1. View account information.

That’s it! If you’re successful, you should see your solar production screen.

If you’re unable to see the data on your production data, check out Troubleshooting my Vivint Solar system (my system is not producing)

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