Reviewing/paying your Vivint Solar bill (paying online vs. by mail)

Curious about your Vivint Solar bill, how to pay it, and why we ask for things like online payments and autopay? We can help answer these questions for you. Use this article to find answers to commonly-asked questions about your Vivint Solar bill.

How do I review and pay my Vivint Solar bill?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the manage payment tab is most helpful to homeowners who have signed either a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or Lease Agreement. That’s because you’re making monthly payments to Vivint Solar for the production of your system, so you need access to the portal. If you signed a Cash Purchase Agreement or Loan Agreement, you won’t see the full manage payment portal because you’ve already paid for your system. The only thing you’ll see is the “one-time” payment portal, which is slightly less detailed than the regular “Manage Payment” portal. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to review the full “Manage Payment” portal setup. Again, if you signed a Loan Agreement or Cash Purchase Agreement, this may look slightly different.

Step 1. Log into Account Center online.

To access the billing portal, you must use your internet browser to log in to Account Center. The Vivint Solar App for Apple or Android doesn't link to the billing portal, so be sure to pull up a browser to access Account Center. For help, check out "Accessing and using Account Center".

Step 2. Click the “Manage Payments” tab.

On the top navigation menu, click the “Manage Payments” tab. Your access to the billing portal depends on the type of agreement you signed.

Step 3. Enroll in autopay. When you log in to the payment portal for the first time, you’ll be asked to enroll in Autopay.

If you haven’t already done so, fill out all the fields on the page and click “Continue.”

Step 4. Review account summary page. Once you’ve enrolled in autopay, you’ll be directed to the "Account Summary" page.

From here, there are several different things you can do, like change your auto payment info, see your billing/payment history, set payment alerts, and link through mobile. Navigate through the site and follow the directions on each tab to make changes to your account.

I’m having trouble accessing the “Manage Payment” tab. What do I do?

If you’re having trouble accessing the “Manage Payment” tab, follow these steps.

Step 1. Check the account status.

If received permission to activate your Vivint Solar system fewer than ten days ago, you won’t be able to access the billing portal as it takes us a little time to set up the billing system. If your system was activated more than ten days ago, follow the below troubleshooting steps:

Step 2. Log out of Account Center and clear your cache/cookies.

Step 3. Close your current browser window and open a new one.

Step 4. Log back in to Account Center and click the "Manage Payment" tab.

Step 5. Switch internet browsers.

If you’re not using Google Chrome, would you be willing to try a different internet browser? Sometimes we have found that the payment portal is easier to access on Google Chrome than any other internet browser. Try downloading Google Chrome and follow the same steps to login and access the payment portal. If none of those options work, please Contact Us, and we’ll help.

I’m currently experiencing financial hardship and am having trouble making payments. To whom may I speak to about this?

We’re so sorry to hear that. Contact Us, and we’ll connect you to someone who can help find some options for you.

What are the benefits of autopay?

There are several. Before we go over them with you, we ask that you access your agreement so your can confirm that autopay is indeed required for your system. Remember, autopay is a condition of select PPA or Lease Agreements. If you signed a Cash Purchase Agreement, you are likely not on an automatic payment plan. If you signed a Loan Agreement, contact your Loan Provider to see if they set you up an autopay plan.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Customer Discount. By setting up automatic payments with your checking or savings account, we give you a $5 discount on your monthly bill. That's a $1,200 savings over the life of a 20-year contract. Please note that using a debit or credit card to enroll in autopay will not qualify you for the $5 discount
  • Going Green. As a green company, we are focused on protecting our planet's natural resources. To emphasize this, we use a paperless billing process that delivers electronic invoices and automatically collects payments. This reduces unnecessary paper waste. We feel this is one way that we can better support the environment.
  • Cost-Effective. Automated payments are also more cost-effective than regular payment methods. By electing to use automated payments in our effort to reduce unnecessary waste, Vivint Solar can prioritize other cost-savings initiatives, which are passed on to you.

When in doubt, review the terms of your agreement

Log in to and click the “Documents” tab to access your agreement. We recommend that you locate and review the section that addresses “Autopay.” It should talk about how autopay (also known as ACH) is a condition of your agreement. Our business model is set up to encourage customers to use autopay. If you would like access to the online billing portal, we ask that you agree to the terms of the contract, one of which is autopay.

For more questions regarding autopay, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

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