Troubleshooting an Enphase system with an Envoy and cell kit connection

Your Envoy uses a cellular modem or “cell kit” to connect your solar energy system to the internet. Now that we know how the system connects to the internet, we can figure out why it’s not connecting.

Check the cell kit connection

1. Check the cell kit to ensure it has an antenna attached to it. If you can’t see one, give us a call and we’ll replace it for you.
  1. Check the cell kit to ensure that one or more USB cables are plugged all the way into the Envoy.
  1. Check the power cable to ensure that the end is plugged all the way into the cell kit device.
  1. The lights on both the Envoy and on the cell kit should be lighting up.

  2. If the lights on either device aren’t lighting up, locate the white breaker nearest to the Envoy device and flip it off.

  1. Wait 30-seconds.

  2. Now flip the white breaker back on again.

That’s about it. Roughly 24-48 hours after you’ve run through the troubleshooting steps, we recommend that you check your system production by logging into If you don’t see any production results, Contact Us and let us know what steps you took to try and troubleshoot the issue. We’ll send someone out who can help.

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