Troubleshooting an Enphase system with a wifi stick connection

Your Envoy uses a wireless internet adapter or “wifi stick” to connect your solar energy system to the internet. Now that we know how the system connects to the internet, we can figure out why it’s not connecting.

Check the wifi stick connection

Check the wifi stick to ensure it’s pushed all the way into the back of the inverter. If necessary, remove it from the port and push it back in.

Back of Envoy Component

Now look back at your Envoy screen and wait a few minutes to see if the “+Web” pops up in the upper-right corner. If it does, that’s great—it means your solar energy system should now be back online. If it doesn’t, or if you see “-Web,” go to the next step.

See if you can update your internet credentials online.

In some areas, we’ve started testing out a new piece of equipment that allows homeowners to use the Vivint Solar app to update their wifi credentials. To check this:

1. Download the Vivint Solar App and log in.
  1. Go to “Settings.”

  2. Look for “Wifi Connectivity.”

  3. If you can’t see the words “Wifi Connectivity,” it means we haven’t been approved to install the device in your area.

Not to worry though—just reach out to us and we’ll send someone to your home who can help.

  1. If you can see the words “Wifi Connectivity,” it means we have installed the internet gateway device alongside your solar energy system, so you should be able to enter in your wifi credentials remotely.

Entering your wifi credentials remotely

1. Select “Wifi Connectivity.”

If your phone is already connected to your wifi, the app will attempt to connect to it automatically.

  1. Otherwise, select “Choose Different Network.”

  2. Enter your wifi ID and password.

  3. Select “Connect.”

That’s about it. Roughly 24-48 hours after you’ve run through the troubleshooting steps, we recommend that you check your system production by logging into If you don’t see any production results, Contact Us and let us know what steps you took to try and troubleshoot the issue. We’ll send someone out who can help.

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