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Read about the difference clean energy has made for Vivint Solar homeowners, in their own words.

Putting the panels on has felt like the icing on the cake for the whole house. It feels like it’s not just for us, it’s for our neighborhood and community.
Camilla A.
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I’ve been in the solar industry for more than 10 years and it still feels like a miracle. The sun comes up and there’s just energy there—you can run your house on it, you can charge your battery. Not only does it help with climate change but if you get a battery it can provide backup power when the grid goes down. It really feels to me like solar is a no-brainer at this point.
Willard M.
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We decided to get solar in early 2018. Our install was remarkably smooth…I would tell anybody who is contemplating this, “I would do it.”
Sam S.
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Common clean energy questions

You've asked and we've answered. Check out answers to the questions we hear most often from homeowners just like you.

How Solar Works

Are Vivint Solar customers connected to the grid?

Yes. Vivint Solar uses “on-grid” systems, meaning that they are still connected to the electrical grid. On-grid solar energy systems are necessary to transfer excess power into the grid, which can result in a credit to customers in some states. On-grid systems also keep you connected to the grid for additional power from the utility.

What determines whether my home is a good candidate for solar?

We conduct an on-site survey to determine if your home is compatible for solar. Here are some examples of what we evaluate to make sure that solar is a good fit:

  • Roof size, pitch and direction
  • Shading of the roof caused by tree branches, other homes, etc.
  • Roof obstructions such as chimneys, pipes, etc.
  • Roof stability and strength
  • Electrical wiring

Will solar panels work in overcast climates?

Yes, but performance may be affected. Solar panels produce more energy when the sun is shining.

How long will it take to get the solar energy system turned on after installation?

Getting permission to operate a system and start generating energy largely depends on your local city and utility company. We will be able to give you a better idea of your operating timeline after your system installation.

What’s the difference between solar power and other forms of energy production?

Solar power is energy that comes from the sun, while many other forms of energy come from fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, and natural gas). Both can be used to power your home, but they are generated differently. Energy from fossil fuels goes through multiple steps before reaching your home, including step-up transformers, transmission substations, and distribution substations. Solar power is collected by panels on your roof, then immediately converted into usable energy.

What is a home assessment?

A home assessment or solar assessment is a type of audit we perform on your home to ensure that it’s a good fit for solar.

On the day of the solar assessment, one of our solar professionals will stop by your home to inspect and measure your roof, check out your attic, and gather photo documentation to evaluate your electrical system.

How long does a home assessment take?

A home assessment typically takes about an hour to complete but can take up to three hours depending on things like the size of your home or the sales volume in your area.

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