Benefits of solar energy

Talk about an energy revolution. Not too long ago, solar energy was a pipe dream. Now it’s the cheapest and most abundant energy source in the world. In fact, there are more than 1.8 million solar installations in the U.S. alone (and counting).

As solar becomes more and more reasonable in price and efficiency, you may be wondering if it’s time for you to get some solar panels for your home. Let’s be honest, it’s a big decision but one that comes with benefits.

Going solar provides a ton of benefits for homeowners and the environment. We could go on for a few pages (solar is kind of our thing), but to get started, here are four key solar energy benefits that you should know about:

1. Lower electricity costs

Let’s start with the obvious: saving money on power is one of the most popular solar panel benefits. There’s no such thing as “free” energy., But many customers who’ve made the switch to solar have noticed a better rate with their solar energy production than before. 

Whether you choose a solar lease, loan, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), or purchase the solar panels outright, you can see long-term energy savings from going solar.

The best way to accurately predict your savings is to have a solar expert perform a free site survey. This consists of compiling data including available roof space, angle to the sun, type of electrical service provided in the home, sun hours, and your power usage history. Learn more about the process of going solar and we’ll get you set up.

2. Smaller carbon footprint

It’s no secret that solar power significantly helps reduce carbon emissions. Generating energy from clean, renewable sources instead of fossil fuels can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in cleaner air and healthier environments.

In 2016, the United States installed 14,626 megawatts of solar. That’s like preventing carbon dioxide emissions from one million gallons of gasoline, or 10 million pounds of burned coal, from entering the atmosphere. If you already have solar and want to feel heroic about all of the gross pollution you’ve prevented, try this energy tool from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

pros of solar energy

3. Higher home value

Another solar energy advantage: purchasing solar panels may increase the value of your home. And bonus, it’s easier (and cheaper) than installing a moat or doomsday capsule. Research from a 2015 Lawrence Berkeley National Lab report found that homeowners in California who owned solar panels sold their home for more than comparable homes without solar (they looked at roughly 22,000 homes and about 4,000 had solar). The average increase in sale price was about $15,000 for a typical 3.6 kilowatt system.

4. Net metering

Does your local utility allow net metering? That’s another way to put money back into your wallet with solar. Net metering is an arrangement where your utility pays you in cash or energy credits for excess power your solar system generates and sends back to the grid. The grid is your traditional utility company’s electricity system. Read more about solar net metering.

Solar panels are also more affordable in recent years. Many people don’t realize that there are plenty more options—like loan or lease—than paying for your system upfront.

We’d be happy to tell you about the dozens of other benefits of solar. We’d also be happy to give you a free quote. If you’re interested in either of those things, or simply want to brainstorm ways to spend all the money you could save, call us at 1-877-404-4129.

How to Go Solar

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