Be Good. Do Good.

At Vivint Solar, we work towards building a better tomorrow through clean renewable energy. But we know that the best way to make a difference in the future is to make a difference in ourselves. That’s why one of our core values is Be Good. Do Good.

Make a commitment

Doing good starts with a choice to be good. The difference is that being good is what you are, not just what you do. There’s a confidence that comes from doing the right thing and standing by your principles. We’re proud of the incredible teams we work with daily to make a difference in the world. And we’re impressed by the people we serve who have taken steps to join the clean energy revolution. This world belongs to all of us and it’s all of our responsibility to take care of it.

Pay it Forward

The next step is to act on your commitment. Doing good means we look at the problems around us and make a concerted effort to solve them. We want to make a new status quo, one that makes the right choice the obvious one. We want everyone to look at their energy and believe in something better. Most importantly, we want to take responsibility for our actions and learn from our mistakes.

Today, we strive to bring renewable power to every home so you can have the choice to power your home, your way—without compromise. But solar isn’t the only way we can do good. When each of us makes a commitment to be environmentally smart with how we produce and use power, we improve not only our own lives, but the lives of our neighbors.


When it comes to making a difference, we work on a global scale. We know that it’s up to each of you to carry this revolution across the finish line. Be good, do good is a core understanding that “good” isn’t something that belongs on a checklist, it’s something we work towards everyday—and it’s something we see in each of you.

People make a commitment to do good every time they switch to solar. Choosing clean energy isn’t a small decision, but it has far-reaching effects for the individual and the future. We’re encouraged by every one of our customers because they aren’t just buying a product that could help them save on their power bill, but help save the planet. And that commitment to be better should be commended.

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