Celebrate the And.

“You can pick this or that, but only one.”

A lot of us heard that growing up. It was probably at the store where a guardian told us we could only have one thing, like a candy bar or a toy, but we had to choose. We had to settle for one and that was all we were going to get. It wasn’t exactly a good feeling, especially when you had two things that you really had your eye on.

Growing up, we’ve experienced a lot more of that in different degrees. Life is full of decisions that require us to prioritize and sacrifice one thing for another. And the feeling hasn’t really changed--it can be hard, especially when both of those things are important. It can be tough to weigh the options and make that final decision.

At a lot of companies, one thing is sacrificed for another all the time. Some employee benefits like identity theft protection are sacrificed for dental or vision insurance. Better support specialists are sacrificed for a bigger sales team. Harming the environment is sacrificed for quicker, easier profits. Some of these things are great, but how do you choose what’s more important?

Vivint Solar celebrates the “and”, which means celebrating the extra mile to avoid cutting corners. It’s celebrating the full experience, working hard to achieve it, and putting passion behind everything that the company does. It means getting those vacation days and benefits, training our support specialists and producing quality sales experiences, protecting the earth and growing the company. Don’t settle, don’t pick one or the other, but go all in. That’s celebrating the “and”.

This means including you, too. Everything that Vivint Solar does is for you. Your efforts to strengthen your community and protect the environment fuels what we do. Without you, Vivint Solar would serve no purpose.

And thankfully, with choosing solar power, you’re celebrating the “and” in your own way. You’re enjoying the energy you need to power your home while reducing your use of non-renewable energy. You’re generating power of your own without sacrificing the use of the things you use every day. That’s something to be excited about!

We’re excited about it. And we’re excited that you’re a part of it.

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