How to increase solar panels efficiency

Is there a way to increase my solar panels’ efficiency? We hear this question enough that we thought we’d dive right into it, although the answer is tricky. The thing is, once your solar panels are on your roof, they’re about as efficient as they’re going to get, which is why it’s so important to choose a system from a reputable solar company that uses high-quality products and installs them correctly. But let’s assume you went through a reputable solar company, your solar panels are on your roof, and you just want to know if there’s anything else you can do to increase solar panel efficiency. Here are a few things we recommend looking at to ensure maximum output:

Avoid the Shade

Planting trees around your home can actually help keep your home cool during summer, saving you energy. However, if your trees are so tall that they’re actually blocking your solar panels from the sun, they may be interfering with your solar efficiency. This type of blockage is different than a cloudy day, which may result in slower production but shouldn’t block them off entirely. As a clean-energy company, we love our trees. But if you have a high-rising tree in the way of your panels? Definitely consider having a professional trim the branches down or remove the tree altogether.


Be Mindful of the Weather

You might already know that your solar energy system will most likely produce more energy during summer months, but did you know that cooler temperatures are actually better for your solar production? The hot temperatures of the summer can actually be a deterrent to solar panel efficiency. Cool, sunny days, on the other hand, are often the best solar producing days of the year. So the reason solar production may dip in the winter is because days are shorter in some regions.

What about snow/hail?

Certain elements like snow can temporarily inhibit your solar production but should melt away eventually. No need to worry about hail, either: your solar panels should be sturdy enough to withstand all that Mother Nature throws at them. The most important thing to remember is that solar panel efficiency will fluctuate along with changes in weather, which is completely normal.


Solar Panel Upkeep

When it comes to the maintenance of your solar panels, not much is needed. Dust and dirt may temporarily inhibit solar production, but it’s usually safest and best to let rain/wind/seasonal changes in nature run its course.

Lifetime Efficiency

While your solar panels are built to run smoothly for 20+ years, they will naturally degrade a little bit over time. A typical manufacturer warranty guarantees the power output stays above 80% over the life of the system, so any degradation should be minimal.

We care about your safety! We don’t recommend climbing your roof to clean or analyze your solar panels for any reason. If you experience any issues with your solar energy system, please contact us to assist you.


The Takeaway

To get an accurate picture of your solar production, focus on yearly production rather than day-to-day. If you have solar with us, you can see your production anytime via your online Account Center or the Home Energy App (available in the App Store or Google Store). Happy solaring!

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