Leading the revolution of clean energy

Whether you have solar, are considering solar, or you’re an employee in the solar industry, kudos to you—you’re paving the way to a clean, sustainable future. We’re all contributing to the clean energy movement in our own way, which is why “Lead the Revolution” is one of our company values. Because the more that we can help make solar power the standard, the better off our planet will be. As exciting as it is to be a solar pioneer, how can we keep the momentum going? Let’s find out.

Let your purpose lead the way.

To lead the revolution, we need a specific goal or purpose. Maybe your purpose for having solar energy is as simple as being able to run your air conditioner without racking up utility costs, while your neighbor’s purpose is to live a green lifestyle and reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re a Vivint Solar employee, your goal may be to sharpen your skills or expand your knowledge of solar power. Either way, it should be something that you’re proud of and excited for.

Don’t be afraid to take risks.

Every great revolution involves a little bit of risk-taking. Even something as common as going solar or buying an electric vehicle may feel overwhelming at first. But if you’ve done your research and are ready to make the leap, don’t let those butterflies in your stomach get in the way.

Keep moving forward.

We’ve all heard that “life is too short.” Don’t waste time waiting for the right moment, take small steps toward progress every day. Whether by reducing your energy usage a little bit at a time, replacing major lightbulbs with LED bulbs, or swapping out appliances for more energy efficient ones, it’s the small changes that often bring the most positive change.

You’re making a difference.

According to Solar Energy Industries Association, or SEIA, the US reached two-million homes at the beginning of 2019 and is set to reach three-million by 2021!1 We’re all leading the revolution together, thanks to your help.

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