Advancing the art of housing: Vivint Solar attends the PCBC trade show

Last May, Vivint Solar made an appearance at the most recent Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) in San Francisco, California. Many major brands in the homebuilding community were present and involved, including GE, Samsung, Sub-Zero, Kwikset, Kohler, and others.

This annual conference is an opportunity for significant homebuilders on the west coast to gather together to connect, educate, and engage with one another. The conference boasted a variety of panels and events for homebuilders to build networking opportunities with people of similar industries who share a unified vision.

To make renewable energy more accessible and affordable, Vivint Solar met with home builders who are looking for opportunities to create more eco-friendly homes on the west coast. The west coast is booming with opportunities for renewable energy, particularly in areas like California.

Back in February, Vivint Solar professionals began preparing for the conference by coordinating with company executives, conference representatives, and media production teams. They built a small home booth that showcased the benefits of solar while providing convention-goers a place to relax and learn more about the Vivint Solar vision of a cleaner, greener earth.

PCBC 14 (1)

The booth included some significant components of a solar panel installation, including an actual example of a SolarEdge inverter and an LG solar battery. The LG solar battery is especially important because it allows customers to store solar energy during the day and use it later. Homeowners were thrilled to see these becoming more popular and so readily available.


Convention attendees also received branded gear from Vivint Solar and Nike such as duffle bags, notebooks, and hats. Vivint Solar occasionally awards sales representatives with Nike gear for reaching specific benchmark achievements.

Attendees walked away with a greater understanding of Vivint Solar and how they can work together to move toward a cleaner earth. Together, Vivint Solar, homebuilders, and customers will be building a cleaner future one home at a time.

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