Solar energy’s impact on the environment and local economies

We want to make it easier for Americans to adopt clean, affordable energy. That’s our mission at Vivint Solar. We believe it’s a worthy cause, especially since fossil fuel energy is responsible for 80% of carbon dioxide emissions. Wider adoption of clean energy like solar has clear benefits for the environment, helping build a safer future.

We also believe more Americans will value the efficiency and independence that comes with their own clean energy source. Free of the “grid,” consumers can get lower, more stable rates on energy than their utility company can provide, for example.

These environmental and economic benefits go a long way in explaining the steady adoption of solar energy consumption in the U.S.

As of late last year, the U.S. had installed 60 gigawatts (GW) of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity, enough to power 11.3 million American homes. While much of that solar energy capacity comes from large-scale utility works, more and more Americans have invested in their own solar panels to power their homes.

We’re proud of the role we play in helping America’s homes increasingly go solar.

Celebrating an Important Solar Milestone

In seven short years, we’ve helped approximately 150,000 homeowners across 22 states install PV systems to generate and store their own solar energy. Late last year, we celebrated an important milestone. Since the company’s founding in 2011, we’ve powered one gigawatt (GW) of solar energy through our residential solar installations. For context, over the 30-year period these PV systems last, they will save:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions from approximately 12 million metric tons of coal burned
  • Greenhouse gas emissions of over 5 million passenger vehicles driven for a year

With such a stark contrast in impact between clean energy and fossil fuels, it’s clear why so many consumers are exploring solutions like solar.

That wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of solar technicians like John Espinosa.

Three Years, 1,000 Solar Installs

John Espinoza is a solar technician and foreman for Vivint Solar. In the three years he’s worked here, he’s had an outsized impact on the company and the communities he serves.


That was never more evident than on January 22, 2019, when John completed his 1,000th home solar install. A thousand installs in just three years speaks to his dedication and passion. This level of commitment requires long hours and plenty of work on weekends and holidays.

To celebrate all he’s achieved, together with several members of the leadership team including Brendan Smith, VP of Field Operations, Ted Smith, Director of Regional Installations, and Jeremy Sabin, VP of Human Resources, we decided to surprise him on the job. Watch the video here.

More than his tireless hours and consummate professionalism, we wanted to celebrate John’s ongoing contribution to the environment and economy in California, where he does most of his work. Thanks to technicians like John, states like California are leading in solar energy consumption in the U.S.

Here are the stunning numbers behind John’s incredible work:


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