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We understand that most homeowners struggle to balance comfort at home with all the financial, time, and environmental costs that come with that. Founded in 2011, Vivint Solar has grown into one of the nation’s largest residential solar providers by providing simple, obtainable, and reliable clean energy solutions so homeowners can create their ideal home more responsibly.


One of the earliest challenges facing us was helping homeowners understand clean energy solutions that were relatively unknown. In the beginning, we set out to educate homeowners by greeting them right at their own doorsteps. We have remained committed to the goal of educating homeowners by supplementing that door-to-door approach with a wide range of clear, relevant, and timely online educational resources.

  • Vivint Solar door-to-door representatives living and working in 23 states.
  • Blog - provides relevant and engaging content for anyone interested in accomplishing comfort at home more responsibly, in whatever way works for them.
  • Online Learning Center - provides homeowners with answers to questions about the benefits of clean energy, how to take advantage of clean energy options, and what options are best for them.


Incorporating practical, clean, and affordable energy solutions into your life is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. We continue to work in providing as many reliable options as possible so you can see the benefits of clean energy solutions in whatever way works for you.

  • Solar Purchase: purchase your solar panels and see immediate monthly savings on your power bill.
  • Solar PPA: go solar for no upfront cost and only pay for the power you produce.
  • Solar Loan: finance your purchase with an affordable monthly payment.
  • Solar Lease: lease for no money down and get guaranteed solar production.
  • Solar Storage: choose from a growing line of solar batteries.
  • EV Chargers: charge your electric vehicle from the comfort of your own home.
  • Automation: upgrade your house with Vivint Smart Home.


We understand that homeowners commit to a decades-long relationship with us and we’re dedicated to ensuring that relationship is as trouble-free as possible.

  • Our solar panel audit process is second-to-none in the industry, giving us full confidence that every panel we deliver is of grade A quality.
  • We pioneered the gold standard of solar installations: our 86-point quality assurance inspection.
  • Our thorough live-review process during installation brings homeowners comfort in knowing that they’re getting the best and safest solar production possible.
  • Our dedicated team of solar experts are available seven days a week by chat, email, or call.
  • Our online Help Center provides Vivint Solar homeowners with convenient access to answers to their most frequently asked questions.
  • The Vivint Solar App and online Account Center allow homeowners to monitor their solar energy data.

In 2016, after just 8 years in the industry, Vivint Solar rose to #2 on Solar Power World’s Top 500 Solar Contractors in North America list. Today, our company is over 5,000 strong (and counting) and powers more than 160,000 homes across America with renewable energy. From day one to the present, our commitment to helping homeowners has remained constant—we continue to lead the way in helping homeowners understand their clean energy options, making those options obtainable, and ensuring those options are reliable.

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