What Is green energy?

Energy is an everyday necessity, but how we choose to get it can cause more harm than the good it supplies. That’s why fossil fuels and clean energy have been a topic of debate for some time. Most people know that green energy is a more favored solution when it comes to helping our planet, but knowing what exactly qualifies as green energy might be confusing. Allow us to clear things up.


What is green energy?

Green energy is any kind of energy that has little or no negative impact on the environment. It’s also renewable, so using it doesn’t mean using it up. Unlike traditional energy sources that rely on a limited supply of materials, there is always more where green energy comes from. And, there are a lot of ways to get it.

Relying on several sources of clean energy might sound like it complicates things, but it’s actually very promising. The more diverse the methods of producing clean energy, the easier it is to get. That also means that more places across the earth can make their own energy locally rather than importing it from other sources—which can make the entire process MUCH cheaper. So, how can you get your hands on some of this green gold?


How to get green energy

Renewable, non-polluting energy technology is advancing at a rapid pace, meaning we have more and more options for getting the electricity we need. Here are some of the more common solutions.

Solar Power

The easiest way to begin producing your own clean energy is with a Solar Energy System. That’s why we’ve put our efforts into making this revolutionary technology available to every home. It can save the earth while potentially saving you money. And you have the ability to produce it right on top of your house. From morning to night, solar energy is pouring onto your roof and it seems a shame to just let it spill off the sides.

Wind Power

The soft wind you feel when you walk outside can also a great source of electricity. We capture this energy by using giant fans that spin, building up friction in their turbines. The amazing thing is that a network of these 2.5-megawatt contraptions operating at only 20% of their capacity could produce more than 40 times the world’s current electricity consumption— and 5 times total global use of energy in all forms. [source]


Hydroelectric power works much in the same way as wind sourced power, except that it uses water flow to rotate turbines. That’s one reason dams are so important. The only problem is that this form of power production relies on high precipitation.

Geothermal energy

Our earth is like a massive generator. Billions of years worth of decaying material is sitting beneath our feet releasing usable energy. People usually see this in the form of hot springs, but today we have the ability to capture that heat and use it to power our homes.

Nuclear Power

Some may not consider nuclear energy to be very green, but nuclear fission technology is highly efficient and sustainable technology. While many of the other options on this list are more beneficial sources of energy, nuclear power is still a step towards more energy with less greenhouse gases.

Clean, renewable, green energy is all around us, just waiting to be harnessed, which means a brighter and greener future—literally. And, the craziest part? It’s cheaper, too.

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