Why go solar? Top 6 reasons

It’s been over a decade since solar power started sweeping across the US—and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Solar power has only been getting more efficient to use and cheaper to acquire, which is great news for anyone seriously considering making the switch. But beyond the clean energy and the neighborhood bragging rights, there’s a lot more to solar. Here are the top six reasons many homeowners go solar:

1. Solar really does help the environment.

We’re all leaving a carbon footprint, whether we like it or not. (Our carbon footprint is the damage done by our electricity usage, vehicle usage, and other carbon dioxide-emitting daily activities.) While it can be hard to tell just how big our individual footprint is, we know the smaller it is, the better. But we can’t just stop driving our vehicles and powering our homes, so what can we do? We can replace our traditional electricity usage with clean solar energy that’s better for the environment.

Solar Helps Environment

2. Solar can provide savings over time.

When you hear about solar and savings, it often seems straightforward: you get solar, you pay less for power. And while every situation is different and there’s no guarantee that you’ll save money, there are actually multiple routes that can help increase your chances of saving money with solar. (Your savings opportunities will vary based on your location, available incentives, home size, power usage, and more.) If you purchase your solar energy system outright, you may qualify for certain federal tax credits, and in some cases, local incentives. There are other solar-related purchases that can increase your opportunities for credits, like a solar battery.

3. Solar may increase your property’s value.

New research shows that buyers are willing to pay more for homes with rooftop solar panels, according to the Department of Energy.1 This may be due to sustainable practices becoming more widely sought-after. It’s easy to see how appealing a solar home can be to a potential buyer: most of the paperwork and all of the installation legwork has already been done, and the seller might already have a good idea of how much energy is being produced each month. While real estate agents, lenders, and appraisers are still trying to catch up with the industry—and your home’s total value depends on several factors—it’s a win-win for many solar homeowners.

4. Solar can help protect against unexpected energy costs.

Energy prices have been on the rise over the past several years (increasing by 34% from 2005 to 2015), and it’s not always certain if or when it’s going to slow down.2 While you’ll still use some electricity from your local electric utility, as needed, one advantage of having solar is that your energy costs are predictable. Whether you acquire your solar energy system with a lease, loan, cash, or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you’ll have a straightforward finance plan with less surprises in the long run. And the more you can generate solar and use clean energy to power your home, the less you are dependent on your local electric utility.

Energy Cost

5. Solar panels are safe and reliable.

Residential solar energy has been around since the year 2000 and has only progressed from there, as more research and development has been dedicated to clean energy. But whether solar has been around for 9 or 19 years, safety is our biggest priority. We recently worked with SEIA—Solar Energy Industries Association— to help set the quality standard for inspections and installations in the solar industry3, so that clean energy can continue to be successful in the US. You can sleep well knowing the solar energy system we install on your roof is safe and of the highest quality.

6. Solar energy is the future.

When even mega-retailers like Amazon upgrade to solar, it’s clear that sustainability is the way of the future. SEIA reports that as solar costs continue to decrease and solar tax incentives continue to be available, solar will keep booming over the next 5 years.4

Ready to go solar?

Whether you’re ready to experience the benefits of solar or you’re still on the fence, we understand that going solar is a big decision. We’re here to help! Feel free to browse through our blog for more solar topics you might be interested in, and as you’re making your list of pros and cons, reach out to us with any questions.



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