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deseret news logo24 December, 2017

Utah family doubles down on solar investment in the name of clean air

Twelve-year-old Elline Harrison's motivation for a recent school science project also captures the heart of her family's decision to invest in a new rooftop solar power system — and a high-speed electric vehicle charging station — for their home on the bench above this Salt Lake County suburb.

"I was just interested in solar and wanted the world to be a better place and wanted the environment to be better," Elline said.

Vivint Solar CEO David Bywater said his company, which was the vendor for the system the Harrisons purchased, is trying to be part of that solution and offers a number of options for residents interested in adding power-producing solar panels to their roofs.

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forbes logo15 December, 2017

American Dream Leadership Series #5: David Bywater, Vivint Solar

Solar power is one of the fastest growing sources of energy in the world. What was once a niche market in alternative energy is now a mainstream source of electricity, and anticipated to continue growing in both capacity and jobs for the foreseeable future.

This week I interviewed David Bywater, chief executive officer at Vivint Solar, a leading provider of fully integrated solar for homes. Like Vivint Smart Home, its sister company, Vivint Solar is disrupting a growth industry and bringing new ideas to the forefront, positioning themselves at the forefront of the next generation of solar growth.

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clean-technica-logo3 November, 2017

Vivint Solar Expands Operations Into Delaware

Leading US residential solar installer Vivint Solar has announced this week that it has successfully expanded operations into the state of Delaware, raising its total reach to 21 states.

Vivint Solar has now expanded into seven additional states during 2017, after expanding into Rhode Island in May, then Colorado, relaunching services in Nevada, and further expansions in Vermont, Virginia, Pittsburgh (in Pennsylvania), and now Delaware, residents of which can now purchase a Vivint Solar system outright or finance through monthly payments thanks to the existing partnerships Vivint Solar has with financial institutions.

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andover townsman logo26 October, 2017

Father-daughter duo speaks on climate change

A father-daughter duo engaged Sanborn fifth-graders in a presentation about climate change and solar panels on Thursday.

Adam McClellan, father to two Sanborn students and Regional Vice President of Vivint Solar, gave a PowerPoint presentation to the fifth-grade class on Oct. 19. He called on his daughter, Ayda McClellan, to speak to her classmates about the impact of pollution on the planet.

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pv tech logo11 October, 2017

How Tesla and Vivint are taking different paths to the ‘one stop shop’ destination

What does it mean to be all things to all people? Does it overstretch resources to breaking point, or does it give you a chance to cast a wider net and capture market share, if your core offering gradually expands to encompass almost every available product and service in your chosen sector?

When Tesla ‘merged’ with (i.e. bought out) SolarCity in late 2016, consensus was that it created a clean energy behemoth of the likes never seen before... Meanwhile Vivint, also in the top three of residential solar installers in the US, launched its first ever “Fully Integrated Solar” solution in September.

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fox business logo14 September, 2017

Vivint Solar Expands Its Offerings With Storage and EV Charging

A marriage between solar energy, power storage, electric vehicles, and smart energy has become the clear future of clean energy, and every major company in the renewable energy sector is developing integrated strategies in their attempts to out-compete their rivals.

Vivint Solar (NYSE: VSLR) is laying out its own plan, which includes offering solar panels, energy storage, EV charging, and smart energy management solutions. And it's pursuing deals with the biggest names in energy to be its partners.

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