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PG&E’s latest rate hike shows the status quo isn’t good enough anymore

Today, electricity isn’t a choice. It’s necessary to do almost everything we need to function in modern society. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop utilities from taking advantage of that necessity. Now it’s time for you to take control of your power.

Rate hikes and unreliable power

Utility companies across the country are tasked with maintaining an enormous and increasingly deteriorating grid so they often struggle to consistently provide power to their customers. As many PG&E homeowners know, this leads to poor energy management, blackouts, and frequently planned brownouts. And, even though you’re already paying a premium for that intermittent power, the cost of energy from PG&E is about to go up. Again.

PG&E’s newest rate hike

On March 1st, 2021, PG&E customers are going to see their energy rate increase by an average of 8.1%. Put in real-life terms, that could mean the equivalent of paying double for Netflix every month or the price of two massages a year. But the price likely isn’t going down anytime soon, so that cost will simply compound on itself. And here’s the real kicker. This isn’t the first time PG&E has increased its rates. But it is the largest increase so far. Chances are there are going to be more unexpected rate hikes in the future. But does this rate hike come with improvements to your service? Nope. It doesn’t. Each Year, the cost of power increases your utility, which means you get charged more. With solar, your rate increases more predictably and gradually. This estimate would mean a cumulative savings of around $1,400 in just five years.

Estimated savings: solar power vs PG&E
What you can do to avoid rate hikes?

Now you know the problem, and solar energy is the solution. Solar is clean, limitless, and it gives you a choice over your power. And if you’re worried about reliability, package a home battery with your solar energy system and you can store excess energy for use whenever you need it. You can forget about blackouts, brownouts, or ever being put out. You’ll generate your own energy and use it as you like.

Stop spending money on expensive energy and start earning credits with Net Energy Metering (NEM)

And as a bonus, some utilities (including PG&E) offer something called a net energy metering (NEM) program. What this means is they will offer you a credit for any energy your system offloads to the grid. So if your solar panels produce more power than you need, the extra will be sent to the grid and PG&E will compensate you for it. And, if you act now, you can lock in a rate that will stay consistent for the next 25 years. That sounds like a Win. Win. Win…. Win.

How to make solar happen for you

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One of our solar experts will work with you to get all the information needed to create a custom proposal. This proposal will take into account things like the size of your home, how much power you typically use, and your available roof space. It also includes a design proposal to show you how the panels would look on your home and an estimate on the positive environmental impact your system could make. All before you ever make a decision.

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Find out how solar put control back into these people’s lives

I’ve been in the solar industry for more than 10 years and it still feels like a miracle. The sun comes up and there’s just energy there—you can run your house on it, you can charge your battery. Not only does it help with climate change but if you get a battery it can provide backup power when the grid goes down. It really feels to me like solar is a no-brainer at this point.
Willard M.
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“We’ve absolutely enjoyed our Vivint experience, and I would surely, surely recommend, and I have been getting customers for Vivint, because they have treated us so well.”
Daniel V.
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"Recently I had solar panels installed by Vivint...It was completely simple. I didn't have to put any money down, that was the best part. And I now have solar panels, and I'm ready for summer."
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Enjoy the freedom of clean energy

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