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Vivint Solar wants to reward you for helping your friends and family go solar. Here’s what that means:

Vivint Solar Special Offer - “$1,000 Referral Offer” Promotion

What is Vivint Solar’s “$1,000 Referral Offer” (“Promotion”) Promotion?

The Promotion is an offer in which Vivint Solar Developer, LLC (“Vivint Solar”) will pay a Referrer $1,000 (“Referral Payment”) for every Eligible Referral referred to Vivint Solar within the Promotion Period.

Who is Vivint Solar’s “$1,000 Referral Offer” Promotion available to?

The Promotion is available to anyone (“Referrer or Ambassador”) who meets the requirements of this Promotion and who refers a customer to Vivint Solar through the Vivint Solar Rewards Program between October 8, 2020 and January 31, 2021. If that customer signs a Customer Agreement for a solar energy system (“System”) and that System is installed on that customer’s property, that customer will become an (“Eligible Referral”) and the Referrer will then qualify for the Referral Payment. In order to qualify for the Referral Payment, the Referrer must agree to the Vivint Solar Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, create an Account as required by the Vivint Solar Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, and submit Eligible Referrals through that Account.

Is there a limit to the number of Eligible Referrals that a Referrer can make?


Does a Referrer have to be a customer of Vivint Solar?


What does a Referrer have to do to claim their Referral Payment?

In order to receive a Referral Payment, a Referrer must claim the Referral Payment through the Referral Rewards Center.

How do Referrers receive the Referral Payment under Vivint Solar’s “$1,000 Referral Offer” Promotion?

Vivint Solar will provide the Referral Payment in the form of a check issued to the Referrer within approximately 30 days after the Referrer claims the Referral Payment through the Referral Rewards Center. Any checks received through this Promotion must be cashed within 90 days.

The Referral Payment may be taxable, depending on federal, state, and local tax laws that may be applicable to eligible participants. If you receive a Referral Payment, it’s up to you to comply with any laws, including tax laws, that may apply. If delivering a Referral Payment requires that Vivint Solar issue you, or that you provide to Vivint Solar, any sort of tax documentation, then Vivint Solar can wait to deliver the Referral Payment until you provide that documentation.

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