6 months of solar power, on us

Switch to a new low energy rate with solar and we'll give you a check at activation to cover your first six months.
A low, reliable rate when you need it most. Here's how it works:
Receive your free consultation
Our solar engineers will design a system customized for your home then conduct an exterior Home Assessment to verify that your home is ready for solar.
Enjoy a quick and simple process
We'll walk you through the solar process step-by-step, from initial plans through permits, paperwork, and installation.
Get six months’ worth of solar energy on us
At your system activation, you’ll get a check for six months’ worth of estimated solar production—just for switching to a new, low solar energy rate.
What can Vivint Solar do for you?
Immediate relief + long term benefits
Rates from traditional power supplied by local utility companies have proven to not only rise steadily but fluctuate unpredictably. Solar rates are predictable so you can take back control.
Solar often costs less than energy from your local utility and clean energy contributes to a healthier environment so going solar could help you save money and the planet.
Our team of solar experts are available seven days/week by chat, email, or call. And our online resources provide homeowners with access to their solar energy data and answers to their most frequently asked questions.
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