Solar Lease

Pay nothing for solar panels, installation, and maintenance with a Solar Lease, and potentially pay a lower rate than your local utility. It’s not too good to be true. It’s just better power.

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Get a solar lease for immediate savings. No upfront costs.

With a Solar Lease, you pay a fixed monthly amount based on your estimated solar energy production. We take care of system design, permitting, and paperwork, and provide a 20 year solar power warranty to ensure maximum savings. And you pay nothing upfront.

Electricity production guaranteed**

We guarantee that you’ll never overpay for electricity. If your solar energy system doesn’t generate the amount of electricity that we estimated, we’ll pay you the difference to compensate your bill.

**Production guarantee not available in all markets.

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Solar Lease vs Solar PPA

The Solar PPA is a flexible payment, based on how much electricity your solar panels produce, and the Solar Lease is a fixed payment, based on the expected electricity production of the solar panels. Both options can potentially help you save on your utility rate, but availability varies by city and state.

Solar lease service Areas

Solar Leases are currently available in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New JerseyNew York, and South Carolina.

Other ways to go solar

Solar Loan

$0 upfront costs, low monthly payment

Solar Purchase

Own and produce your own power

Solar PPA

No upfront cost, potential to save on your utility rate

Go solar and potentially save on your utility rate

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