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A breath of fresh air

There’s a cleaner way to power your home. We’re installing rooftop solar panels in Tucson, which means you can enjoy years of clean, renewable energy. And with free installation and maintenance, you can breathe easy.

Tucson solar power solutions made simple

Arizona is a great place to live. It’s warm, it’s sunny, and it’s a great place for getting into solar power.

There’s a lot of people in the city of Tucson who still do not enjoy all of the benefits a new solar energy system has to offer. They might think that solar energy technology is either too expensive for their budget or too inefficient for a house their size. Although that might have been the case in the past, it isn’t anymore.

Solar technology has grown so much in recent decades that most homes could benefit from going solar at this point. One of our Vivint Solar reps will be happy to help you make sure that a solar energy system would benefit you and your home. If it wouldn’t help you out, we’ll let you know.

You just stand to gain so much by going solar that we can’t stand not to tell you about it. Here are some of our favorite reasons why you should go solar.

Vivint Solar helps Tucson residents save money

Solar power isn’t the default energy source in most households. And there’s some work to getting a new solar energy system installed on your home. But that work is worth it.

At Vivint Solar, we want to help make it even easier for you to go solar.

We’ll analyze your home, taking a variety of different factors into consideration. We’ll figure out how much electricity you need, how much a custom solar energy system could produce for you, and the savings you could make by replacing that expensive nonrenewable energy with clean solar energy.

If you can save money on your electric rate, we’ll take care of your paperwork and the installation. You can either use those savings to free up your budget a bit or you can start saving that extra money and put it towards a much larger purchase later. The choice is yours.

Vivint Solar helps Tucson residents go green

Tucson solar energy systems are one of the best ways to go green. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and be an example of green living to your friends and family, installing new residential solar panels to your rooftop is a good way to go.

It’ll not only help keep those energy bills down, but it will also help get rid of all the excess carbon that’s in the air as a result of power plant pollution.

You can do your part to make the world a cleaner, better place and Vivint Solar is happy to help you do it.

Vivint Solar is the right fit for Tucson

Arizona’s sun makes it one of the best states to go solar and the movement towards solar in Tucson is getting stronger. If you’ve been thinking about going solar, but haven’t looked into it any further, don’t delay. Our Vivint Solar reps will be happy to help you.

Go Solar Tucson, Arizona! It can help you do so much good.

Choose the right Tucson solar plan

With all of our solar plans, you’ll get a unique and customized system, a 20-year power output warranty on your solar panels, and a team of solar experts to walk you through the process. The only difference is how you decide to go solar in Tucson, Arizona.

Solar Purchase

Purchase your solar panels and see immediate monthly savings on your power bill

System Owner


  • No monthly payment to Vivint Solar
  • Maintenance options available
  • Product & workmanship warranty**
  • Benefit from tax credits and incentives

Solar Loan

Finance your solar purchase with an affordable monthly payment

System Owner


  • Low monthly payment to financing partner
  • Maintenance options available
  • Product & workmanship warranty**
  • No upfront cost, benefit from tax credits and incentives

Solar Lease

Lease solar panels for no money down and get guaranteed† solar production

System Owner

Vivint Solar

  • Low monthly payment to Vivint Solar
  • Maintenance included
  • Product & workmanship warranty**
  • No upfront cost, potential to save on your utility rate

Going solar in Tucson, Arizona

The Old Pueblo is getting even better thanks to solar power. Installing solar panels on your home in Tucson, Arizona has never been easier, or more affordable. We currently serve customers throughout the state of Arizona.

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