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A breath of fresh air

There’s a cleaner way to power your home. We’re installing rooftop solar panels in Chula Vista, which means you can enjoy years of clean, renewable energy. And with free installation and maintenance, you can breathe easy.

If you live in Chula Vista, California and you haven’t gone solar yet, you should start thinking about it now.

The Chula Vista solar movement is booming

In Chula Vista, California, the solar movement isn't happening sometime in the future, it’s happening right now. Plenty of Chula Vista residents are realizing that they don’t have to wait anymore to go green and reduce their carbon footprint. All that they need to do those things are available to them now.

Let’s talk about why Chula Vista, California is a good place to go solar.

Why is Chula Vista, California the place to go solar

Chula Vista is located in sunny San Diego, California. It’s the second-largest city in San Diego. It’s near the San Diego Bay, the Border Field State Park, and the Living Coast Discovery Center. All of this is to highlight that Chula Vista is a great place if you enjoy consistent, sunny weather.

And if you live in a consistently sunny area, you live in an area that’s perfect for solar energy.

As a state, California has always been very forward-thinking and has worked hard to encourage its residents to go solar in every way it can. When you combine the state’s solar incentives with its natural climate, you find that there are few places better fitted for solar power.

How Vivint Solar can help you go green

We as humans are some of the biggest polluters on Earth. The billions of choices we make as individuals add up to a lot of excessive, climate-changing carbon. So if we want to stem the tide of climate change and clean up our air for easier breathing, we need to start making individual decisions to reduce our carbon output. And since our homes are one of the biggest sources of carbon production in our personal lives, reducing their carbon output is a great place to start.

Vivint Solar can help your home produce less carbon.

Our custom-designed rooftop solar panel arrays will help maximize your solar energy production so you can minimize your need for carbon-based energy sources.

If you’re looking to shrink your carbon footprint, this is one of the best ways to do it.

How Vivint Solar can help you get your energy for less

In addition to shrinking your carbon footprint, you can also potentially shrink your electric bill.

That’s because our custom-designed solar energy systems produce electricity at a rate that may be cheaper than what your utility company provides. You can put that money to other carbon-cutting efforts, some other part of your budget, or you can save it up over time and spend it on a more expensive purchase down the road.

How will Vivint Solar help you through this process?

Vivint Solar makes going solar easy for Chula Vista residents. All you have to do is give one of our Chula Vista Vivint Solar reps a call and we will do the rest. We’ll crunch the numbers to determine your energy needs. We’ll determine how much direct sunlight you receive on your rooftop. We’ll custom design a solar energy system that will maximize your home’s energy potential. We’ll pull all of the necessary permits before we start installing your system. We’ll even walk you through the estimated financial savings you could see after we install your system.

You don’t have to worry about anything, from your first phone call till we turn your system on.

We’ll do all of the work for you.

Once we’ve walked you through the entire process, you can simply enjoy the fact that you’re saving money on your electric bill while reducing your carbon footprint and saving the environment.

There are no rules to learn. No bins to sort your garbage into. No bags to bring shopping with you.

Vivint Solar can help make green, cheaper living effortless.

Choose the best solar plan for Chula Vista, California

No matter which solar plan you decide is best for you and your Chula Vista home, it will still come with certain guarantees. For example, your Irvine solar plan will come with a 20-year power output warranty on your solar panels. It will also come with a team of solar experts that will happily help you through the entire process.

The only real difference is how Chula Vista residents like you choose to go solar.

Solar Lease

Lease solar panels for no money down and get guaranteed† solar production

System Owner

Vivint Solar

  • Low monthly payment to Vivint Solar
  • Maintenance included
  • Product & workmanship warranty**
  • No upfront cost, potential to save on your utility rate

Solar Loan

Finance your solar purchase with an affordable monthly payment

System Owner


  • Low monthly payment to financing partner
  • Maintenance options available
  • Product & workmanship warranty**
  • No upfront cost, benefit from tax credits and incentives

Solar PPA

Go solar for no upfront cost and only pay for the power you produce

System Owner

Vivint Solar

  • Low monthly payment to Vivint Solar
  • Maintenance included
  • Product & workmanship warranty**
  • No upfront cost, potential to save on your utility rate

Solar Purchase

Purchase your solar panels and see immediate monthly savings on your power bill

System Owner


  • No monthly payment to Vivint Solar
  • Maintenance options available
  • Product & workmanship warranty**
  • Benefit from tax credits and incentives

Time for Chula Vista residents to go solar

If you live in Chula Vista, California, and have wanted to do something positive for the environment, but haven’t known what you could do that would make a difference, consider going solar. A custom-designed solar panel array can make a real difference in reducing your carbon footprint. And the best part is that Vivint solar makes the process as easy and painless as possible.

Now is the time for Chula Vista residents like yourself to go solar. You have the opportunity to save the environment and save some money too.

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