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There’s a cleaner way to power your home. We’re installing rooftop solar panels in Chicago, which means you can enjoy years of clean, renewable energy. And with free installation and maintenance, you can breathe easy.

Going solar in Chicago

Punctuated with bold and definitive architecture, Chicago is a city with an individual history and legacy that sets it apart from any other in the world. It’s the third most populous city in the United States, and the most populous in the state of Illinois.

People who call Chicago home have never been intimidated by changing and raising standard operating procedures to make the city function better. Chicago contributed to the design and organization of many of our modern cities. With emerging construction styles such as the City Beautiful Movement and the steel skyscraper, Chicago knows how to set a pace.

Although Chicago is well known as the windy city, plenty of sunlight shines on this classic metropolis in the Midwest. From the shores of Lake Michigan to the furthest west corners of the city, homeowners in Chicago are making use of that sun and switching to solar power.

Chicago solar rebates and incentives

Aside from the culture, art, and architecture that Chicago offers citizens, it also means business when it comes to advantages for choosing solar power. Here are some of the best solar incentives and rebates in Chi-Town.

Illinois Solar Renewable Energy Credits

"In order for the state of Illinois to meet its renewable energy standards, the federal and local governments offer tax incentives to quallifying residents who own a solar energy system that produces clean energy."

To incentivize homeowners to help contribute to this goal, Illinois issues solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) for generating clean energy with solar panel systems. Each megawatt hour of energy you produce is equal to one SREC, which you can sell for extra money.

Net metering in Illinois

In addition to state SRECs, Illinois utility companies offer net metering to homeowners who generate power with solar.

Net metering is a prime way to make good use of the extra power your solar panels are able to produce and reduce your energy bills.

When your solar panels generate power beyond what you can use at home, a special meter measures this as it’s sent to the grid. Then, when your utility bill arrives, you’ll see just how much you contributed and saved.

Solar homeowners property tax break

If you’ve been hesitant about installing solar because of the boost in home value, and therefore taxes, we have some great news. Illinois State has a property tax incentive called Special Assessment for Solar Energy Systems.

This incentive means that your property taxes are eligible for alternative valuations that won’t bump your property up into a higher tax bracket. So, you can improve your home’s value without paying any extra cost in property taxes.

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Lastly, qualifying homeowners who purchase a solar energy system may be able to take advantage of a federal income tax incentive."

"Make sure you act on this incentive sooner rather than later. The federal solar tax credit is calculated based on a percentage and may reduce over time based on the year your solar energy system was installed and activated. To see if you qualify, contact a local tax advisor in your area."

Choose the right solar plan

With all of our solar plans, you’ll get a unique and customized solar energy system, a 20-year warranty on your solar panels, and a team of solar experts to walk you through the whole process, from a solar consultation to installation and beyond. The only difference is how you decide to go solar.

*Warranty refers to solar panels. Refer to your customer agreement for all warranty terms and conditions. Plan availability varies by area and utility.

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