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Vivint Solar is the better alternative to traditional power in New Jersey.

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Make the switch to solar power in New Jersey, it’s easy.

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Sit back while we take care of design, installation, and maintenance of your solar energy system.

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With all of our plans, you’ll get a unique and customized system, a 20 year warranty on your panels, and a team of solar experts to walk you through the process. The only difference is how you decide to go solar in New Jersey

Solar Purchase

Buy solar panels outright, and get immediate monthly savings

See immediate monthly savings on your power bill, not to mention potential tax credits and incentives.

System Owner

Purchase Details

  • Own system immediately & keep potential tax benefits*

  • Potentially increase home value, transferrable agreement

  • Maintenance & monitoring included

  • Product & power output warranties included

Solar Purchase Disclaimers and Assumptions

Solar Loan

Own your solar panels with an affordable monthly payment

Choose from multiple loan term options, and earn tax credits and incentives along the way.

System Owner

Loan Details

  • Low monthly payment to financing partner

  • Potentially increase home value, transferrable agreement

  • Maintenance & monitoring included

  • Little to no upfront costs, keep estimated tax credits and incentives*

Solar Loan Disclaimers and Assumptions

Solar PPA

Go solar for little to no upfront cost, and lock-in low energy rates

Get solar panels, installation, and maintenance on us and save 10-30% on your utility rate.

System Owner
Vivint Solar

PPA Details

  • Low monthly payment to Vivint Solar

  • Maintenance & monitoring included

  • Product & power output warranty

  • No upfront cost, save 10-30% on your utility rate

Solar PPA Disclaimers and Assumptions

Hear from customers in your area

We make it simple for New Jersey residents to get solar power. More than ten thousand homeowners across the state have already chosen renewable energy over traditional electricity, and are saving 10-30% on their energy rate.

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Going solar in New Jersey

We're one of the best solar companies in NJ, helping homeowners go solar since 2011. We service over 300 zip codes in the state, and have local offices in Lakewood, Mount Laurel, Pine Brook, and Pleasantville.

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Go solar and save 10-30% on your energy rate

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