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Going solar shouldn’t be intimidating. As a leading solar company in Rosedale, we make the process stress-free by providing the support and resources you need, each step of the way. Call us at our Rosedale office to get started.

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It’s time to get your electric bill under control

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Electricity doesn’t have to be expensive. And it doesn’t have to come from a power plant. Vivint Solar offers homeowners in Rosedale a better alternative. Generating your own clean solar energy is a win for your wallet, and for the planet.

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With all of our plans, you’ll get a unique and customized solar energy system, a 20 year warranty on your panels, and a team of solar experts to walk you through the process. The only difference is how you decide to go solar.

Solar PPA

Go solar for no upfront cost and lock-in low energy rates

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PPA Details

  • Low monthly payment to Vivint Solar

  • Maintenance options available

  • Product & workmanship warranty**

  • No upfront cost, save up to 20%* on your utility rate

Solar PPA Disclaimers and Assumptions

Go solar and save up to 20%* on your energy rate

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